Sunday, February 18, 2007

A melting 1st day of CNY

Gong xi Gong xi to all!

It's the year of the oink oink today, and what the heck, I took a day off lor. Tomorrow night have to work again. By the way, no holidays here ya... FIL working, hubby working, no point me staying at home and lose that income right?

Last night at the reunion dinner, no one ate rice. Why? Gee.. you should have seen our dinner table! Crispy peking duck, gigantic scallops with snow peas, 'Sang choy pau', the 'Wang choy jau sau' soup with all the fatt choy and pork trotters, oysters and fu chook, amongs the normal ones like soy chicken and char siew. Yours truly made a pot of braised mushroom with pacific clams and brocolli. Wanted to get sea cucumber but the Asian grocery store that I went to didn't have it. I did take a pic!! Only it's in my phone and am too lazy to hook up this and that to download.

Today of course went 'bai nin'. Can finish the job less than half a day, kakaka. To FIL's, to the retirement home to visit grand FIL, and then to Wilkin's uncle's house. All done.

By noon it was already a scorching 30 degree Celsius. So we decided to escape from the house and went to the Casino. You can imagine the place will be packed, with the hawkers' festival on the last day, good sales of the cute little Chinesey paper umbrella ($10 bucks!!) and cold drinks. Aidan was treated to cookies and chip ice-cream, and snatched half of my Kickapoo drink off me. At 4pm, the 38 degree burning sun was doing its laser job on my skin, and Aidan's nose.

It was the time we were scolding and mad at him for something and he was puffing like a mini buffalo. When I got out from the car to unbuckle his seat, I exclaimed 'Aiyah Dada, lau bay huet!' We both softened up sekaligus!!

Lucky got cool change but right now I am still nursing a headache.


Bernard said...

Kong Hei Fatt Choy! Such a unique CNY experience.

Kickapoo is on our dinner table too ;-).. Joseph's no 2 favourite, after 100 plus.

sweetpea said...

KUNG HEI FATT CHOY to you too!! OINK! Kickapoo and 100plus is not available everywhere. I usually buy 100 plus as it's less sugar and Aidan loves it anyway when we were back in M'sia. Not always though coz it cost AUD$1.30 per can! of course can't compare dollar to dollar but i 'mm fen hay!' hehe :P