Sunday, February 18, 2007

Good luck charm gifts from my niece

Received an unexpected parcel from my niece in KL.

When I tore open the package, the box said 'Green Tea' and I thought, 'Die lor, this girl tried to smuggle in tea for me. If get caught, I kena fine, not her!' But inside it was the cutest 7 little charms from Watsons. See?
From left to right is Love, Luck, Longevity, Success, Glamour, Protection and Prosperity. I like Love, Longevity and Glamour. So cute wor!! I am tempted to use one for mobile phone and another for housekeys, but I will keep them in their box for a while first. Sayang to use leh.
Thanks Yee!


aroengbinang said...

Looks very nice. Wish you have it all this year around.

sweetpea said...

thanks... and you too. since it's YOUR year, double up on all good things!