Monday, February 19, 2007

My Valentine's flop was...

My Valentine's Day was a so-so this year. I think Wilkin sent me a bunch of roses just to keep me quiet :P He's not the romantic type. Aah well, I shouldn't be complaining right?

In response to BELISI on Valentine's post I would love to tell about my fair share of Valentine's flop. It happened many years ago when I was still in high school. Well obviously, we didn't have much pocket money then, but for my then boyfriend to buy me a stalk of red carnation was already a downer. Carnation? Then I received this little package. Good things come in little package right? It has got to be good. It was a mini bottle of perfume. Great!

Now there's something he didn't know about women then. We are very attention-to-detail creatures. I don't think he realized what happened when I gave him a look and didn't shower him with hugs and kisses. See, it was a bottle of L'Air du Temps. Hello, I was 16?? And at the bottom of it there was a fine line stating 'Sample - Not for Resale'. I didn't have to ask him if he got it from his mother's cupboard. Obviously he was confused why I wasn't quite happy that day.

Not very impressed!


aceone118 said...

Hihi, many thanks for coming my blog.
Gong Xi Fa Cai to U and all at home.

sweetpea said...

u are funny. and i DO really love your sexy!!