Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thank goodness for

An ex colleague of mine has been uprooted again from Texas to the UK. Mandy was ranting to me about how she has to start life all anew yet again, thanks to her husband's high flying job. She hopes her daughter will adapt to the new place easily. She was telling me how clueless she was in the country, being an absolute stranger and all, and googled all she can about the place, until she came upon the site which she finds really useful.

It offers valuable information such as local events calender, traffic updates and weather, and more importantly, heaps of classifieds where she can buy or sell, all for free! She also told me to take a look as she wanted me to see some beautiful photographs sent in for a competition.

Two months down the road now she feels much better as through the site's community page she managed to make some friends! Am just glad she's happy.

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