Friday, February 23, 2007

Whoa! Check out my blog's worth!

Dont' pwray pwray weh.... see how it jumped from $3950 to this.... $11,290.80 !! All the numbers also vely good, vely auspicious to start the Chinese New Year with. Mmmm....

Cannot compare with professional bloggers lar... but this is just pure syiok!! How I wish that amount is right here in my bank account, and increasing. Eh you all think the same too right?

Is everyone still on holidays? Seems like I am the only one who's been updating my blog these couple of days. No syiok like that, makes me feel more home sick only.

ON CNY Memories
Had a flashback to the age of about 10 or 12, at the stroke of midnight, where fireworks was still allowed, legally or bribed, I donno ler, still so young, Mum will light up the 5 feet long bright red firecrackers on our pine tree. I remembered it rained earlier that night, and the grass was a little wet. After Mum lighted the fuse, she immediately turned around to run, but fell down on the ground instead because it was slippery. It cracking and although the sparks can't get to her, the noise itself was loud enough to make her panicky. I was in between helpless and laughing because she was doing the freestyle action as if trying to swim away. Well she got up all wet in the front, and started laughing too. Sigh.... I miss the those crackers.

We, the kids were bad to take apart the crackers to light it up individually. I know, daring leh? Had so much fun and confidence after that. The last one I ever lighted was when the 'hoong pau' exploded in my hand. I was in the action of throwing it, so not only I got very, very numb fingers on my left hand, I was also deaf in my left ear for the rest of the night. Dai say mou??

Another funny incident was in my teenage years. A few friends, guys and girls, grouped at a large padang (field) to play with fireworks. No more firecrackers then. One guy lighted a rocket on the opposite side of the field. I was getting ready for some action when I felt something swooshed past the top of my head. Apa lagi, he got a good tongue-lashing from 'tai kar jeh' me ler. Hahaha, then we mm jai see.... looking back now I am very lucky to have 10 fingers and a full head of hair. Bbbrrrrr.......

Anyone has a great one to share?


Michelle said...

Mmm I guess we can see why firecrackers are banned in many countries with incidents like these.

On a separate note I have tagged you for a blog challenge - visit for more information.

sweetpea said...

hehe. yeah i guess not everyone has lucky stars like me.
aiikss, another tag?

Samm said...

You're tagged again, lol.

And my blog worth fell from 30k+ to 20k+. If i can convert that into real moolah, i'll be screaming. But, now, i'll just live with it, lol.

Happy Chinese New Year

*sends virtual angpow over to your kid*

aceone118 said...

Wah, your blog worth so much ledi fai tit cash out lar!!! USD wor!!!hehehe

sweetpea said...

samm - how come can drop one? doesn't it at least stay the same amount? thanks for angpau, i send back to your 2 kids.. hehe, i still rugi :P double aaikkss!! two tags!

aceone118 - if i can cash out i give u 10%.. this u know i talk big oni. kakaka