Saturday, February 24, 2007

5 reasons why I blog

Tagged twice by Michelle of Tonic Gifts and Samm of Just my Lil' Organic Life I think I'd better do this in a hurry. Who knows I may be tagged one more time, not that it matters, right?

Right, so I started blogging about 13 months ago. How it all started was my niece showed me the blog of this famous Singaporean blogger. I read with interest the way she expressed herself in the most straightforward and humorous way. Then I thought to myself, 'Why not?' I can start one myself. Not as a professional blogger like her, but for the first reason below:

  1. I can tell the whole world what Aidan did that made me so happy, hopping mad, ecstatic, angry. Just so family and friends can be kept updated with our daily lives.
  2. To pen down my feelings, whatever that can be shared. Disastrous recipes, pouring out frustrations, whatever, but nothing too personal of course. The blog is, afterall, public.
  3. To share my work experience, providing general information on self-care. It's great to work at a place where I am passionate about making people feel better. (when I can't even make myself feel the same way sometimes! Hafta keep smiling..)
  4. And lately, getting that extra income is just icing on the cake. Brings me into a whole new world of blogging.
  5. Got me more friends!

I don't tag so many can? Mebe just 3 :

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Samm said...

Thx for doing the tag... HUGZ!!!!

mIcHe said...

i tagged u balik:

sweetpea said...

samm - welcome.

miche - #^$*$%@*^$%^!! joking ler.. hehehe. thanks for tag.

Michelle said...

Thanks for taking up the challenge. It definitely is an easy way to get information out there to the masses and as you say the extra money is just a bonus!!