Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mini MIA

Yeah, I've been a little missing in action these couple of days. I itchy-backside took up a second project and am rushing a deadline yet again.

So far nothing exciting happened. Only that Aidan is doing quite well at pre-school. He's settling in very quickly and his teacher told me he's into puzzles, which is good, but not quite interested in art and craft. But when it comes to wet play on a hot day, he's the first to get wet all over!

Today he had two mini ice-creams. Wanted a third. I said no more. I have to get a security lock for the fridge now. This boy is really ransacking it. What else? He threw a tantrum, but of course. I nearly threw one too when I spotted sticky marks all over my floorboard! Must have dripped and he danced on it. Adoi!

And oh yeah, both father and son now fighting over sports and kid's channel on Foxtel. I'm the one paying for it but don't get to watch any thing... duh.

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