Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Big News at PayPerPost

I haven't been doing a lot of paid posts for a while, at least not as frequent as I like to be, thanks to my project which took up most of my time. So after quickly logging in and out without much of a glance, I didn't really take notice what's currently going on in the blogging world. I got on only to see if my previous posts have been approved or not.

And so after being told about the news that PayPerPost will be announcing some big news in the next few weeks, I have gone all excited and have to share this with fellow bloggers. Greedily rubbing my hands together, I am hoping it will be higher offer amounts with more opportunities for lower Google Page Rank bloggers like me. Already they have started 'get paid to blog' and recently 'get paid to review', benefiting bloggers and commenters. Well, I definitely think the news has something to do with Rockstartup. As it is, bloggers went crazy about it, and I won't be surprised if this big news will get us into a frenzy bout of bizarre gleeful ground stomping session.

But whatever it is, PayPerPost has never disappoint bloggers with its new ideas. I hope this one will be yet another great one for us all. Keeping all fingers crossed, and toesies too!!

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