Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One more day..

Gimme one more day and I'll be back in action. Can't wait!

And miche, sabar one more day, can? I'll do your tag after this, coz this tag really has to think. No nonsense wor...

Yaawwnn... one more day and I can start earning some dough senang-lenang again, not like now, burning every last drop of midnight oil. All the money to buy 'yin wor' (bird's nest) also cannot replace my beauty sleep. Sslluurrpp... come to think of that, long time no 'yin wor' already. The closest I had was the 'suet kap' (someone can please explain what this is? coz i myself donno which part of the frog that is) when I was back in Ipoh. High in cholesterol I know, but just love it!

Haha... sounds gross huh?! Eewww.... part of a leaping green slimy croaking amphibian! But then again, aren't Asian taste-buds exotic? But I think the contestants of Survivors and The X Factors have tried much worse.

Anywayssss........ gotta go zzzzzzz. Good morning!

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miche said...

take your time :D