Thursday, March 01, 2007

Soong Sai!

I will officially sigh a deep sigh of relief..... pppphhhheeeewwwwww!!!

My second project is over, and I will take at least these two weekends off before my backside gets itchy again. I know, it has nothing to do with my rear :P

It's good to feel free mentally. The thought of rushing a deadline kills the mood of going anywhere. It's like this tiny weeny bug crawling in your brain 24-7. First assignment, dreamt, ate and slept Spain. This one I dreamt, ate and slept California and Texas. Not bad if I was really doing a research for my dream vacations. Do you know you should visit Lake Tahoe while you are in California / Nevada? It's SO beautiful! The place is just amazing!! If Wilkin wins the 33 million Tattslotto this weekend, Lake Tahoe will be on my list!

Writing is very, very difficult, as I found out along the way. Although I am always complaining about the lack of sleep and neglecting everything else, plus not much money if compared to PPP, it is a personal challenge and I am somehow drawn to it. Maybe I don't have a flair for words. It doesn't come naturally to me. Perhaps that is why I spend double time on it.

He was mumbling and complaining about me earning pittance and not worth it, heh. Aah well, I don't always listen to him, and vice versa. It's what I like to do lah, as with him loving his gym. Talking about that, he has a bad wrist from weight training. Told him to give it a rest for at least a couple of weeks to see how it goes and do only cardio. As usual, never listen lor. He just tak boleh give up his weights. See the similarity? But I guess I really have to drum it into him and this involves his health.

Watch out guys, PPP will be back with a vengeance now!

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