Friday, March 30, 2007

Aimless night

Here I am sitting in front of the pc at 12.30am 'mou sor si si' with a hot wheat pack on my laps, a hot mug of water and and blog-hopping here and there trying to catch up with gossips.

PPP earlier also donno why cannot log in... so I cannot make money too. And also with my PR, I've got limited choice, plus not all I like to write about.. bleehhh... Make money also want to choose, you say asking for it or not?

Today went by quite uneventfully. Rainy day, cool to sleep in and that's just what we did. SHIOK! I told my 'boss' I won't be writing till the easter break is over, so I've got ample time to pack up yet another box of Aidan's clothings. I asked Wilkin the the 2nd time what he wants to do with Aidan's boxes of clothes in our basement, ............................................... exactly like this lor, nothing! No reply. Bang head mou? They're taking up so much space.

Today at the pool, last day for swim lesson for Term 1, we were frolicking in the mini spa/toddler pool and it dawned upon me how tall he's grown. Only last year he could barely keep his head above the bubbles. Today the water is at his shoulders.

Spidey and Ultraman undies don't fit anymore. Lucky Pamela yiyi from HK sent 2 packs of Thomas undies only 2 days ago. She and Aidan's Kaiyeh has donned my boy with Thomas' stuff from head to toe. Plus she said she bought 3 winter jackets for Aidan and I think they're half way across the sea to our house now. This is shiok leh, now's the time to buy winter stuff cheap cheap in Hong Kong, and the designs are cute and different from here.

That made me thing of my colleague's comment on Wednesday night. She was wondering if most, if not all, Chinese are rich, coz she see's kids in nice and expensive clothings. I said where got? Aidan's not. Pumpkin Patch over here is expensive. Then I realized, I told her clothings are nicer and cheaper in China and other Asian countries, that's why. Here got nice ones of course, but I can't say the same for their prices lor.

Maybe I should sleep early tonight eh? Aidan's been waking up an hour earlier these 2 days. Daylight savings ended ..... bah! Not that he goes to bed earlier pun. Hate it now when it starts getting dark at 6.40pm. Get stuck in the house earlier.

*Grunt grunt*


AceOne118 said...

I tot of writing payperpost oso but my blog "tok kok" wan you think they approve anot? Moreover my england so terrer wan!! kakakaka

And maybe my readers all cabut one by one when see pay perpost!! lol.

sweetpea said...

i think they may :P coz u don't use that much 'obscene' language (at least not to me :P) and you got traffic leh... but true also cannot write too much paid posts, depending on what u want for your blog hor.. :) no worries, i sapot u!

shooi said...

Hi, you've got tagged!

sweetpea said...

waah.. your way of welcoming me to your link eh? :P