Thursday, March 29, 2007

10 reasons why I married my other half

Jessie tagged me because she wants to kay poh and know why I married my other half...

1. Because I was fed-up with Ipoh guys! Or KL guys for that matter, since these are the only 2 places I frequent. My Ipoh ex gave me the 'green hat' twice. Silly hor, how I tolerated it. Love is blind mar.... ptooi! KL guys pun, very career minded. Not that it's no good, but no time for me. Funny how I cannot take it when it was only KL but my hubby is from Hong Kong!

2. So I can holiday in Hong Kong for free : )) Eat 'chee farn', 'yue garp', and walk from Tsim Sha Tsui harbour to Mongkok non-stop. Hike at Cheung Chau and watch the CNY fireworks celebration from a chartered boat (with a group of friends). Hehe, no. Really, of course the reason is I love him and these are all bonuses.

*This pic taken in 2000 CNY Hong Kong

3. I liked it very much when I first heard him laugh. Very hearty, very manly voice :P
'Ngor, dor yap cheng mong...' -Alan Tam

4. He is sensible and down to earth, while being able to have silly fun. Works hard to improve, but yet to fix our leaking pipe underneath the laundry sink...

5. Although kiamsiap depending on occasions, but that means he is thoughtful and thinks about our future.

6. KAYU - loyal and no wandering eyes. The last thing I need is to keep checking mobile numbers and bills like I used to. If no inner peace, I would have gone crazy.

7. Let's me be myself and be boss of the house :) I buy what I like for the house. Of course when it comes to expensive things, we discuss, but usually I get my way after much pestering, keke.

8. Very cincai and doesn't mind my crappy cooking. I cook, he eats. I don't, he ta-pau, although this seldom happens.

9. He's not perfect, but he doesn't have bad trades. Not abusive, not domineering, not demanding. Out of the four chinese bad trades 'Piu, Dou, Yam, Chui' he only smokes, that also on average. Not bad lor, hoh?

10. Where got so many reasons one? So we can have three wedding dinners in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia?

I tag here tag there also same people, they must be cursing me, so no tag lor. Also I dare not tag those I don't really know but want to link link but not yet say hi :P

* Jo - I did want to tag your sis, but I know she's worried about Ashley at the moment so I thought I wouldn't bother her. Heck, I am now officially tagging Chumsy's Mummy!! Just do it when you are free :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

I still thinks he looks like a Hong Kong movie star :D Very 'tang tui'.

Jo said...

geez... tks, maybe i shd start kap-jai somewhere else besides ipoh & KL!

reading this post leaves a veli lomantic impression :)


"Reason 11. Because he's willing to marry me !" hehe..

PST : shd tag my sis, then we'll know why she married her hubby! :D

IMMomsDaughter said...

Sudah 2 times I datang here today, see what a fan I am...wah! u another lenglui mommy. I also did not know your hubby is a Hongkie, I thought he was an angmoh...keh keh keh

sweetpea said...

mommy to chumsy - not so HK-moviestar now, thinning hair. kakaka!

jo - I took your advice, and guys only at my time lar. maybe now better leh?

IMMomsDaughter - 'bei meen bei meen' hai meh? my aidan looked like angmoh meh? why that impression pulak?

AceOne118 said...

*wink*..hihi!! Got any 'cheemui' left unmarried one? kakaka!! Kasi rekoment la.

sweetpea said...

u gimme your stats lar. how old wat look oso i donno. moreover, my cheemui may be older than u are coz i think i am older than u :P
i got one niece in KL still single.. mau fren fren? hehehhe

shooi said...

Pwuahhh...! If i am still single, i'll ask u if you/ your hubby got any good guy to recommend fr Aust or HK. I oso want to go holiday for free!
I'm goin to add u to my link.

sweetpea said...

shooi - thanks, me add too. hehe, u still can go holiday for free.. u got walking ATM right? :P

Jo said...

hey! tks alot :)

hope she wont kill me for asking u to tag her :) *pray*

haiya, take it as another reason for her to update blog lah!

guess it'll take her a while to do the tag. need to nurse ash till the princess gets better :)

Sasha said...

wuah that alantam song...very very yuk ma..hahah

sweetpea said...

that song i put as example only, he didn't sing it ler... then, his favourite song was 'purple rain'! kakaka...