Friday, March 09, 2007

A bedful of sand

The parents and carers had a get-together tea today at Wayburne.

I sent Aidan there and went off to buy some food to share, and meantime did a little shopping too. Got a plush pink giraffe for and ex-colleague's daughter and also a little prezzie for another colleague of mine.

Bought some vegetarian sushi to share at Wayburne. And most of us were there without the children knowing as they were outdoor playing. Naughty parents, spying on our kids. Aidan had so much fun at the sand pit. Another kid flung a spadeful of sand at him, and I had to admit I didn't quite like it, but he was having fun. He did the same and soon they were having this little war. Well then, I was just hoping no sand got into his eyes, although I already learnt my lesson never to take off his shoes in the house!!

Then he had a go at standing on two little buckets, one on each foot, and balancing with a rope tied to the buckets. Haven't quite mastered that yet, but I am glad he had a great time without me telling him 'NO' this 'NO' that. You know lar, have to clean up after him. Kinda guilty thinking about this. I mean, they are kids after all right, and exploring the world and backyard with ultimate mess and dirt is part of growing up anyway. Ahh well, I guess he can explore more in school :P

He came back exhausted and tired, and soon fell asleep on the couch. I brought him into my room and laid him on my bed. Guess what I found soon? Yep, as the header goes. He had a headful of hidden sand! All over my pillow and my side of the bed. Not angry of course, heh, just told Wilkin to hand-vac it when I went off to work.

Senang kan?


Frank said...

pics where?

sweetpea said...

here very kiasu one. take pics have to get consent at schools and swimming pools. otherwise 'violate dia pia privacy'.. or something like that. so no pics lor