Saturday, March 10, 2007

An ultimate guide to London's advertising world

A century ago how a business was operated would have been so different from now. Most contacts would have been done personally, flying internationally with huge expenses of money and time incurred trying to look for the right people or right company to help an expanding business.

Today, everything can be done in a much shorter time and electronically. My friend Jesse who is in advertising has a client who intends to market a product in UK. Now Jesse doesn't have to fly there personally each and everytime a matter arises. He looked up LondonAdvertisingDirectory that has over 900 links in more than 50 categories to help find the perfect agency or company of his choice. From exhibition & conference organising to translators, such as Indian languages, Spanish or German, this site has got comprehensive links that are all related to the advertising world.

Of course, he had a full market research done on the market before introducing the product. There was no problem with signage & promotions too, and so far Jesse has only flown there once with his client for the final details. They didn't have to worry as they have employed the services of a reputable marketing consultant.

All these hard work was done at the comfort of his office, with minimal cost and time. And all thanks to the wonders of the world wide web.

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