Sunday, March 11, 2007

Felice 70th Compleanno Santina!

Santina is Wilkin's good friend Vince's mum and she is the typical Italian mama - full of love. A very lovely lady who celebrates her 70th birthday today.

We are here at Grand Hyatt Hotel in the city for buffet lunch. Aidan was cute in his shirt and pants, only he didn't want to put on a matching pair of shoes.

Everything went fine except for the last bit when we wanted to leave. He wanted to take Alessia's toy home, and started another bout of tantrum when he can't. All the way home and well into the evening. He really tested his boundaries with the both of us today and even when I gave him a few good bumsmacks he just looked at me. 'Oh, tin ahh!! Dim suen arr?!!' I think from my normal low blood pressure, it'll shoot rocket high in years to come.

Who said 'lambs' are gentle?? Huh huh?

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