Monday, March 12, 2007

I LIED TO YOU ALL!!.... huh?

Check out Susan Loone's blog.

Our dear Tourism Minister has branded us women bloggers as liars. I am a woman, a blogger, so I lie, and I instigate racial wars. I don't like national unity. I spread rumours weh... Be careful others who are not women out there! We have claws so sharp that can kill you with just a gentle stab on your back! Eh, do you think his wife (or is he married? I donno) blogs?

'Today our country has achievements'..... like the well publicized 'sophisticated' public loo in KL? Malaysia boleh!

Sometimes I feel I am so glad to be in Australia, really. I mean, every country has their own problems of course, but personally, why do they always stress on 'unity' when in fact they may be playing reverse psychology? Whatever it is, if everything is so darn good there why are so many that I know want to migrate here?

Tengku, you really hit us below the belt, and as Chinese saying goes 'With one bamboo stick you hit everyone in the boat'. Next time think before you say, have factual backups before simply hentam.

So I may have blogged about Aidan farting like a stink bomb. Have you got evidence that I lied?

Like I always said... MEN!!

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