Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Best pre-paid calling card ever!

Ever pictured a scenario when you need to call overseas urgently and you left your pre-paid card at home? After all, you won't want to carry a $50 prepaid card everywhere when you only make those calls at home.

I always have to check my PIN number when I call, and it's a hassle to drag myself to the store to get a new one when the amount on the card has finished. International prepaid calling cards are a dime in a dozen, but it is difficult to get one that doesn't have a little hidden charges here and a bad line there.

However, I find Pingo great just because I can track my calls and do not have to worry about my card running out of credits. Australia calling card rates can vary a lot and I am tired of always hunting for a cheap, but not necessary a good one. My Pingo account allows me to set up to 10 personal PINpass, i.e. the phone 'depots' that I usually make my calls from and with that I do not have to enter a PIN to make calls. All I need to do is just call my local or toll-free, if I am somewhere else, Pingo access, and just follow the prompts. And it will automatically top up my account when the credit runs low. No worries, mate!

These international phone calling cards are such convenient things in today's modern world, but I think nothing beats Pingo, because I don't have to carry one, and not afraid of losing it!

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