Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thank you MOTT!

I wanna say a big THANK YOU to Mott for creating this header for me.

I have never thought about the sweetpea flowers, and this really mirrors my nick. This shows she really put a lot of thoughts to it. Tenkyu tenkyu tenkyu tenkyu tenkyu!!

My blog needs a little revamping. I've cut out some ads, since I've decided that this should be my one and only blog and it's should be semi-personal lor, if not totally. I still want to make a little money lar weh! Wa bia Foxtel not cheap leh, itchy bum bum go and install and now tied down to 2 years contract. Not that I get to watch anything pun, usually hubby and son fighting over the remote for sports and Nick Jnr. or Playhouse Disney.

For my Aussie mates, if you are scratching your heads over what the foog I am talking about, welcome to MANGLISH (Malaysian English) and some Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian language) thrown in. Of course no play-play (serious), I am TRI-lingual. Phwoa..!

Awesome! Fantastic! *Aaah, ni Aussie words, mate.*

See ya!


Samm said...

Very nice header, but new blogger can do that meh????
Install where? i want to try one too :)

AceOne118 said...

Fuiyoh!!! your header so nice. The flawer so lovely. Mott memang terrer!! Man sui, man man sui Mott!!
I jehles la, my header so plain wan. wakakaka

sweetpea said...

samm - i think wat mott did was do the 'work' at flickrs, then she gave me the code to upload, using the old html editing style. am a retard at this, you'd better ask her!

aceone118 - i love your cocky header lar. love your avatar too. u being sacarstic ehh? nanti i make u do more tags :P

AceOne118 said...

Sweetpea, dun lar tag me! I lazy do tag worr!! Anyway, i changed my templates liao. Ppl complaint that my old template loading slow la.

sweetpea said...

aiikkss! i never tag some more pun. but appreciate if u can finish the one i did :) and yes, by the way, quite slow lor to open your page. but i like wor..!!

Sasha said...

yeah shes the champion. she did one for my sons blog too. hahah

mott said...


no need to mention leh! shy-ness!!!!

ah..but u know la..still need to tweak it abit! still work-in-progress!!!

sweetpea said...

sasha - i saw that. all very cute. makes me wonder if i should have another blog solely about aidan. but am lazy :P

mott - have to take credit one. but ya, tweak tweak. thanks..