Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wilkin's first dose of heart-stopping moment

When I got home from work on Sunday evening, we went straight to dad in law's house for dinner. Aahh... a proper sit down chinese meal. He cooks great meals.

Anyway, only then Wilkin told me that earlier in the morning he and Aidan was ready to go out. The flyscreen door was unlocked but the wooden door inside the house was. He told me he didn't realize Aidan knows how to unlock it. That being said, he was at the back. When he returned inside, he found Aidan missing.

Jialat! He said he got so scared as we live by the main road, that Aidan ran out to the street. He ran outside to find Aidan, and coincidently the door leading from the porch to our backyard was opened, and found Aidan at the backgarden. His heart almost dropped.

So now he knows I how felt when I told him I lost Aidan for just one minute in the playhouse. My colleague said her husband thought she was over protective with her two kids, and only 2 days ago, their good friend's niece of 7 months old died of SIDS (Sudden Infact Death Syndrome). Apparently she rolled over while taking her afternoon nap. All in a matter of half and hour. He too now knows why us mums just can't relax even when our babies are sleeping.

Parents here are NEVER encouraged to let their babies sleep on their tummies, not with any pillows, and place the baby right at the foot of the bed. Anyone interested please check out Safe Sleeping from Sids and Kids Australia.

I only plucked up my courage two months ago to remove the baby monitor, although we only live in a unit and Aidan's room is just next door. It felt like miles away without it.

So I guess that explains the increasing amount of greys over the past 2 years....

Welcome to motherhood, and for the next 30 years or so...


mott said...

aiya...i also couldn't remove no.1's baby monitor...until he was abt 3plus.

And ..yea..2 days ago, I had a bad dream where NO.1 was vomitting and we were attending to him, forgot abt No.2. We turned around, he was GONE! My hub went to look for him and fell into a shock and didn't want to open his eyes. No.2 was unconscious on the ground.

Bad dream or not? I couldn't sleep after that!

sweetpea said...

Heart pumping like crazy eh? Better than taking 2 cups of caffeine-loaded evil drink to stay awake :)