Monday, March 19, 2007

Dang Dang Dang Dang!!

Guess what arrived in my mail today.......

My early birthday present!! Well, I am going to ask for it lor, save my hubby from cracking his head and save myself from disappointment.

Two years back I asked for 'Tap Dogs' ticket. I enjoyed the show. But this one hor... phwoaah... I will lagi enjoy. Am going with my pharmacist colleague. Jangan harap Wilkin will go. When we were in Hong Kong, I pulled him along for Miss Saigon, and at the end of the show I asked him how was it. His only reply was... 'Emm, the stage lights looks great.' ???!!!???

Tickets extremely difficult to get leh. All weekends gone, most weekdays only single seats left. This one also the seating is not the ideal one, but better not dally any longer. See two seats, quickly snap the booking up. Ini pun in August!

Yeay !!! Am super happy :)))

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