Monday, March 19, 2007

6 weird things about me

I tagged her and her hubby, now she takes revenge wor! See, her lau kong never tagged anyone, thought I 'lat laan' but kena jugak.

For such a normal person that I am, this is an EXTREMELY difficult task!! But I try lar...

1. I fixed and modified my own bicycle. I took everything off, the basket, the mudguards. So one fine rainy day, I realized I needed the mudguards on. I repair my favourite cassette tapes myself then. Girls my age then never did things like that.

2. I like the rain on my face when I cycled home. I climbed hills and joined HHH for great fun. I got all dirty and muddy and loved it. My mum said I paid to suffer.

2. I have never liked floral, flowery, reddish cute cute dresses or skirts when I was a little girl. Never did, never do, although I do have some outfits that are feminine, they are never the girlie girlie type. My Ipoh friend once told me I am very 'goo lou' or something like that lar. My sense of fashion is always basic and plain. Even for jewelleries. Nothing elaborate. But I am still very feminine :P So am I weird?

3. My Guangzhou hard-finger massage sifu said my tulang very flexible, can grow old gracefully. Why he said that, coz he pulled my one leg about 100 degree or more up high with the other one straight on the massage bed. I DIE DIE PAIN LIKE CRAZY also I didn't scream, he didn't know.
4. I loved plain rice with soya sauce. Now I seldom eat rice also.

5. My first pen-pal gave me my first french kiss (stolen in fact, without my consent) and for the next two weeks I was scared shitless coz I thought I got pregnant from it! :P kakakakakaka!!! until I got my monthly. Phew....

6. Refer number 3...


No tag lor... cannot think now. Tired already..


Michelle said...


no 1, 2 & 2...u tomboy isit?
no 3...i think u tomboy lar :P
no too plus fried fish
no funny lar you.
no 6...should be no. 7

u r weird! :P

sweetpea said...

alamak!! too syiok thinking how weird i am i made one extra...!

mott said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeee the finger...

the finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry i abit late..i din realise we posted the same type of pictures!!!!

sweetpea said...

AHAK! Lucky I wasn't wearing THE RING.... THE RING!!