Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doggie rescued

My sister saw this cocker spaniel on the streets, thin, matted hair, gunky eyes, full of fleas, and definitely very hungry.

She took him home to clean him up, then to the vet for all the necessary. After all that, she posted notes at 7-11s around the suburbs. But after having him for 7 days with not a single phone call, she had this sudden selfish reason and decided to pull down all 'Lost and found' notes from the stores, and brought him straight to my place. She can't have him as she already has 4 Jack Russells.

I remembered arriving home from work with his brown eyes staring straight into mine. I was happy to see him, but then I thought he belonged to someone else. Then my sister asked me if I would like to keep him. Would I? YES YES YES!! Not responding to any names, we just called him Doggie.

See how fat? My mum said no one can make me part with my money, except Doggie. Yes, he was expensive, came with ear infections, skin problems and whatnots.

So although I am not exactly the rescue dog mom, I AM his mum. Or was. And to help other dogs out there and in honour of his life with me, I'll get a collar charm from Big Paw Designs called Woof Fleur de Lis, where part of the money benefits the New Orleans pet rescue organizations. A great cause for all those furry four-pawed friends which lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.


aceone118 said...

Did you scan doggie if he is some missing dog?

sweetpea said...

well he definitely was a missing dog. i don't think a cocker spaniel is a street dog anyway. but it's been years now :)

janicepa said...
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