Monday, March 05, 2007

Five wishes I have for my son this year - Meme

Kena tag by AhPek for this. Good one eh... got me thinking, as I really took for granted that everything good and nice I wish for Aidan, but what exactly?

1. Of course, the utmost important, is for him to be healthy and strong. So strong now he can wrestle me when things are not done his way...

2. Safe from harm. Call me paranoid, but every single day I pray he goes to bed happy and whole. No scratches, no bruises, no wounds, no falling down or over. Except for the occasional five fingers mark on his bum bum :P

3. With his speech delay, I wish he will miraculously one day start communicating with us. Actually talking. No more echolalia or pulling us to what he wants.

4. To be happy. I was a happy-go-lucky child (still am, unless provoked) and hope he will inherit this trade of mine and be positive about things concerning life.

5. To be successful academically and in whatever he does. And by that, being rich AND happy AND successful of course is the best lar, right? So dear mother here can goyang kaki and don't have to worry.

Tagging time! Kkakakaka...

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Mott - I spare you this round :P kekekekee


Sasha said...

boss, u punya tagging sudah answering. hehe

sweetpea said...

sudah? tenkyu.. tapi i confuse sikit. sudah is u done it before? answering - u doing it now? but vatever, tenkyu jugak :P and eh, no boss boss leh :)

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*wipes sweat off forehead*

sure pengsan one..