Monday, March 05, 2007

Global Warming

Weather has been great of late. If any of you are thinking to come to Melbourne for a holiday, somewhere like end of February will be nice. But cannot guarantee lar, global warming and all. I donno how concerned everyone is about this, but it has reached a scary point where I am actually thinking about the future of my son, and his kids.

How many of us know about the basics of greenhouse gas emissions and coal-burning for electricty and CO2 being released into the environment? *A coal-fired power station in Victoria is the most polluting power station responsible for 17 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution each year. Governments are set to approve new coal mines and expand existing ones by 2010, and by this our greenhouse gas emissions are projected to rise by over 22% by 2020.* This are all done by US! Human beings.

Up until now, my answer to every question thrown to me about having a second baby, is about my discomforts and problems during pregnancy and post-delivery, or not comfortable financially. Today, I add global warming to this list. Why bring another life into the unknown future? I can nurture and protect them right now, but what happens when I am not around anymore? What will happen 30 years from now? What will the lives of their children be?

Melbourne is reaching the Stage 4 water restriction soon. Climate change article by A Current Affair show in Australia tells you what's left of Australia in 50 years' time. But wherever we are, I think each and everyone of us should be playing a part in our children's future, and their children.

Things are already happening : Heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather causing droughts and fire, which is getting worse every year here in Australia, ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding, glaciers melting, Arctic and Antarctic warming. And with all these there are possibilities of diseases spreading, change of climates resulting in earlier spring arrival, coral reef bleaching, downpours and flooding. Netherlands may be submerged if sea level keeps rising and the world map will have to be withdrawn. Don't these changes frighten you?

So mums and bloggers, I think we should be paving a better place for our kiddos, not harming them. Value your quality water, unplug main switches when not in use and recycle. For more insights and resources from endangered habitats to tips on leading greener lives, check out World Environmental Organization.

Try doing your bits. Think of your kids everytime you run the tap while brushing your teeth or using papers unnecessarily. Everyone is welcomed to review this post.

*Quote from a letter to me from Greenpeace Australia Pacific Ltd.


aceone118 said...

Open burning of forest in Indonesia made it worst. I wonder if it affect Melbourne. I like the temp. during at night in Melb. COOL!!

sweetpea said...

The bushfires alone in Victoria is bad enough. we can sometimes smell the smokey air when it's really bad. Places affected is like an foggy dark evening at 2pm. But yes, night weather right now is beautiful. jeles??