Monday, March 05, 2007

A Free maid's life...

What was supposed to be a simple cleaning turned out to be a full, well, half - as I haven't even started on the floors and rooms, blown wipe down.

Sent Aidan to Wayburne and came back to my heavenly aroma of raison toast and coffee. Then started with throwing in the clothes for a wash, followed by ransacking the bathroom cupboard. Saw the bottle of Exit Mould, which probably had 50 more squirts to it, and decided to finish it off in the bath tub. Ran along to the kitchen, swing the fridge door opened, and tipped out the tiny veggie leaves and whatnots in the vege drawer. Once I started on that, every single compartment got spring-cleaned. After that was done, I evilly focused my attention on my pantry. You should have seen the amount of snacks and titbits and flour I threw into the bin - all outdated.

Not satisfied, polished the fridge door and cleaned up every single knob of the cooktop and oven till it gleamed. Also sterilized our thermos hot water boiler. Returned to the bathroom to scrub the tub vengefully.

Hung out the clothes, picked Aidan up. He learned a new song and was singing to it. Although not exact works, lucky thing I knew which song that is (one of the Wiggle's) and sang along. There are actions like clapping, bowing and faking sleep (shh,shh,shh..) He was so cute :) Went to the supermart, bought some groceries, and proceeded home to feed my hungry little man lunch.

Chee sin mou? Now cannot stay long coz I've gotta go prepare dinner for my two kings before I leave for work. That pretty much sums up a free maid's life....

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