Tuesday, March 06, 2007

PayPerPost has high paying opps

PayPerPost is paying for my cable TV and I can't complain really.

I am one of those bloggers with a lower page rank, and yet I do get daily opportunities. I never realize I can blog for money when I first started out this site. And if I work hard in gaining my PR and have a high traffic, I have the possibility in earning as much as $1000 for a single sponsored post! And when I say $1000, it's not only one post. Every high traffic blogger will get that opportunity. Shocked? Unbelievable? You'd better believe me.

And with the service fee, PPP only charges 35% compared to ReviewMe that charges a whopping 100% markup. That means you are only getting half your deserved dough for the same amount of work. I find that at PPP you can get high paying opportunities more often, and that means more money in your account. At the moment I can only earn certain amount of money, but the main point is that PPP has the opps for both high traffic and lower traffic bloggers like me.

Therefore, it only makes sense to blog with PPP, and all they are asking for is that disclosure is required from all bloggers. That said, I don't think any blogger can go wrong with PayPerPost. You go PPP!

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