Thursday, March 29, 2007

Macam macam orang at work

Customer One
Asian boyfriend came in to buy 'stain remover' for Asian girlfriend. I asked what kind. He said for hair dye on her hands. So I told him to get his gf into the shop. She came in and looking kinda embarassed, showed me her hands. Both palms all brown. I tried nail polish remover with acetone on her, cannot. Then tried the traditional and natural eucalyptus oil, also cannot. I know for sure cannot lor, as she said she left it for at least 3 hours. I asked her why don't use gloves leh? She said cannot find. Aah, good lah. I told her good luck lor. Unless the salons have a 'cure', she might as well have brown palms for a good few weeks. Mana otak?

Customer Two
Big burly guy came in for analgesics for tooth ache. Recognizing him from a month ago buying a bottle of toothache drop, I asked him if he went to the dentist. Coz the last time I saw him, he shivered in pain and looked terrible. He said he got some antibiotics, ok for a while, and now the pain is back. And I told him he needed to get something done about it. He sheepishly told me he was scared. Of needles or the drill perhaps? But I had to stop myself from laughing lor. Why? Because his arms was FULL OF TATTOOS!! Like this also can?

But come to think of it, actually men are more sooky-la-la than women, don't you think so? My hubby is terrified of needles too.

Customer Three
Cute guy came in asking for vaginal douche. I showed him the section where we keep the empty douches and disposable ones. He looked at both and asked me the difference. I said the empty one he can use clean water or whatever needed to douche and can re-use the bottle. The disposable one, obviously one time use and throw lar. He asked me if the disposable one can be used in the 'back passage'. I said, well, if it's safe enough to be used in front, I don't see why not. Then he told me it's for himself. :))))) Sayang or not? Cute leh.


janicepa said...

weird ppl out there.. but the funniest was the 3rd customer.. I wonder why he had to douche his back passage.. !! wahahahaha.... siao !!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiya, cute guy wastedlah...ha ha. True what you said about man being afraid of dentist. I think MOST of the men I know fear going to dentist, talk about being macho ;P

mottt said...

hahah..i also want to work as asst. pharmacist!!!

aiyo..that guy with toothpain..if he only knew that the dentist CAN actually help him...then he wouldn't have to suffer. Got so many Tats somemore.......tsk tsk tsk.

Jessie Woo said...

Hi there .. u have just been TAG by me kekeke

Bernard said...

Aiks.. why would anyone want to voluntarily perform a rectal wash-out on himself?? Ish.

sweetpea said...

preggylady - u 'jan sor' or 'jar sor'? most cute guys here are gay leh :P

IMMomsDaughter and mott - funny how they WILL put up with discomforts in order not to go to doctors, dentists...*hint hint my hubby*

jessie - muahahaha! lucky i very free now :P

sweetpea said...

Doc - takkan tak tau leh? Err... keep it clean? kakaka.

Jo said...

tella the first customer, "no wolly missy, the karer will fade in no time. otherwise, your palm will fall off itself due to chemical reaction!" :)

sweetpea said...

haha! i think first thing she can think of is to save her hair!!