Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rambling and ranting

Just because I started to sleep later, or rather, earlier at 3am recently, it has changed my entire sleep pattern. Now that I don't have any projects I still dally around the pc till at least 2.30am.

And then I cannot possible get up in the morning. Feels like s**t! There are 2 mornings where I have to get up at early to be able to send Aidan to school on time. I love getting up early as I can finish lots of housework and go out. But it's not happening lately. Without assignments right now, maybe next week will be a good one to pamper myself to a manicure when Aidan is at school. Something I've been thinking about a lot. I feel somewhat funny to thrust my feet out to a stranger though. Dunno, she might think something like... Eeee, skin so thick and dry, never use pumice stone one arr, etc.. you know? Yeah, I really don't. In fact day in and day out I sell lots of these and ceramic files and whatnots, I really donno how to use the ceramic foot file.

Gone ler, are the days my fingernails was my pride. Long and varnished, siu cheh weh... no need to do housework at home. Gatai gatai go kahwin for wat? Some more here in Aust. cannot hire live-in aide. Aiseh... I kena con. I think lup lup he think free maid.


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