Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Slept in.... VERY IN!

Guess what time I, oerrr... we, Aidan and myself, woke up?

He came to my room at about 8.25am and gave me the usual 'Toot toot' finger on my nose, my wake up call for his milk. I went back to sleep, he climbed up the bed beside me after his milk, moved around, and I think he joined me. Next thing I knew.... 11am! Wahahaha. Time to prepare lunch.

He asked for his 'Kaiseeball' (a little basketball) - donno how he coined that word. I scanned around the room, none. Went about fixing lunch. I came back to the living room scattered with his stuff, toy box in the middle of the room. He looked at me and asked 'Where kaiseeball?' Tsk tsk tsk, it was so funny I had to laugh. Had to find it I guess. Under the couch, stuck behind his playtent which I folded up.

Did he help me with packing up? You guessed not... riiigghhhtt....

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