Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Continuation of cleaning and dumping spree

I went shopping today after sending Aidan to Cabena. First in weeks!

Got him a couple of singlets, a set of flannelette PJ's, myself a a blouse from Ishka, had raisin toasts with butter and a cup of latte, bought some veggies and ice-cream.

Picked Aidan up and came home to my jittery bugs crawling all over my hands. Today I cleared out loads of junks from the store cupboard and made heaps of space to finally put the bathroom and kitchen linens in it. Which was what it was meant to be in the first place! I had to top shelf for wrappers (loads of Xmas wrappers and gift tags and cards bought post-Xmas - dirt cheap) and a few of my handbags that I don't use but sayang to give away. Plus also storage for kitchen wipes, toilet rolls and boxes of tissues.

Second shelf - Medicines, unused presents or bought to be given away in emergency occasions and Xmas and CNY decorations.

Third shelf - A CD player which doesn't play a CD, rosak, but I can listen to the radio when I feel like it in the kitchen. Aidan's Leap Pad (hiding) and some of Wilkin's files transferred from the pc table. Looks brighter here now.

Fourth shelf - Tool boxes, light bulbs, hardware stuff and my linens!! Shared.

Last bottom shelf - SHOES! Shoes and shoes. Aidan's and mine. None of Wilkin's :P

Dumped - 'Pak Foong' pills expired 2005 and heaps of other outdated medicines. As in, will be taking all these in to my workplace and dump them in a special yellow bin. Here medicine cannot simply throw in your dustbin wokay? Dumped some unwanted gifts from years ago, and more toys. These will be going to the donation bin.

If any of you are thinking if Aidan will ransack the cupboard and I should be child-proofing it, he has been good. He only opens it to look for his Leap Pad or the old tennis racket, much to his Dada's delight. Konon bapak nak anak jadi tennis pro...

Dumped out loads of books. Reckon I won't be reading them for a long time. Given to me anyway from a good friend who went back to Fiji like 4 years ago. See what I mean? But kept some good ones, just in case. Mainly fierce and erotic romance lar..... *wink wink* Read only no actual practice.

Straightened up pc desk drawer and the fridge door! Not that it'll stay that way very long. *H and V must be under the fridge somewhere*
Anyone interested in posting in how their fridge door looks like? Please do. I am very kaypohchee :P


aceone118 said...

Haha..your cupboard really have alot of stuffs but i liked most is your fridge. Very nice indeed with all those magnetic thingy.COOL!!

mott said...

hahah..i will do one post of it just for you...

and it will be unedited...i.e, untouched/cleaned up...

sweetpea said...

mott - good good! i wanna see. eh yinsi do it too kay?