Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kitaro-ly high

I was at the library with Aidan the other day choosing his books. Not that he bothers giving them a second glance if they were left aside. On the way out I chanced upon a 'Kitaro' cd and grabbed that too. I haven't listened to Kitaro for doggone years.

Plugged it in my car so I can listen to it on the way to and back from work. Phwoa... be warned though. If you are listening to one, and driving along a smooth road, minimal traffic, be sure to concentrate on the road. Why? Because it made me deliriously high, in a calm way. Susah to explain. Tried to close my eyes to it, but same time I know I was driving. Disastrous combi of course.

Another few that will make me this 'high' are Robert Miles and Enigma. But too bad ler, nowadays can't blast the music at home like I used to. Sometimes it really feels very good to block out the world for a moment while staring at the ceiling or dancing to it. Now the best I can do while blasting it, when there is a chance, is usually while I am mopping the floor... D mou?


Shelly said...

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sweetpea said...

Hi Shelly, thanks. That's lot of blogs u are managing there. Will visit your site. I'd LOVE a new template!