Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stuff it!

Need a break from my assignment.

So I tell you what we have been doing :P

On Wednesday, Wilkin took a 'sicky' and we went to Carribean Garden. I bought Aidan another pair of flannelette PJ's, this time Thomas Tank at $10. Good bargain, coz at Target it's around $20.

We have been looking for a piggy bank for a while, Aidan broke one last year, exactly the same one as this, only this is MUCH MUCH bigger! See??

Only $12.. we thought we hit the jackpot! Came home see see the four legs actually got holes, not sealed. Defect leh.... what to do, we used superglue and some hard cardboards to stick it together. Talking about QC check, I think no one can beat my good friend in Ipoh. She is uber thorough. This one hope no 'jue loong choot sui' !!

Moving on, at night took this pic....

Made Aidan his milk before he went to bed. And lately he has been wanting to fix it himself. Here he asked to be seated at the countertop. See the lambchop on the left and the 2 eggs on the right? Waiting for Wilkin to come home. See my boy? Such sweet smile :)

Yesterday I did the poetry, then I prepared dinner. This is what we had for dinner

Prawns and mixed vege, just cauliflower, carrots and green capsicum.

Spinach clear soup with chicken mince and silk tofu. I alternate the spinach with seaweed.

And this hor..... apple with red dates, black dates and sweet dates (hoong jou, hak jou and teem jou) Ladies, very 'yoonn'. Good for my walking chimney hubby too. If you must, trying adding 'suet yee'. My drink in my favourite cup.

That's it for now. Just for this one night, I am going to bed EARLY!! And right now it's 1.40am.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Waaaaa.....yummy yummy. The piggy bank is so cute. Is your good friend in ipoh, the one i know too :D

Frank said...
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sweetpea said...

WH - see lar. she already take credit for it lor! but really, should tabik her lor :)