Friday, March 16, 2007

My poetry of the day

The weather today is humid-y
My floor very the sticky
The air is very stinky
Coz my neighbour's garden got lembu pia tahiii...

Just picked Aidan up from school in my mummy taxi
Now I am feeling sleepy
But No!! I cannot goyang kaki
As I have to prepare dinner for Aidan and his daddy

Right now Aidan is watching TV
While I am listening to Andrea Bocelli
I guess I have to now switch off the pc
Or the house will be very noisy

Gee..... everything now making me feel dizzy......


Jessie Woo said...

Applause *standing up* wuah very good r u ber~poem poem r :P

David Bong said...

that's a nice and funny poetry. wah.. can get inspiration from your busy schedule...

oh ya... already linked you. Thanks for the link also.

sweetpea said...

*curtsy curtsy* thank you thank you
ya, inspirasi when driving on the way to pick aidan up. coz when i walked out the front door, wooofff.. the kaudang smell everywhere....