Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's in my bag??

Kena tagged by Sasha.

I haven't been following the start of this tag, and am wondering if it was a 3-8 guy who wants to know what's in a bag. Lucky only recently I changed my bag, looks presentable, otherwise have to say sorry to Sasha :P

Here goes..........

On a typical day, this is it lar. My own things very simple only. My purse, my sunnies (in the silver box underneath Aidan's sunnies here), my Avon Intensive hand moisturizer. Handphone and comb and lipstick in another compartment. Then some days if I remember, I carry a bottle of water for myself.
Aidan's stuff will be this Quackquack, or Puppy. I'd rather have this one lor, coz smaller. His hanky, water bottle, wet wipes.
And perhaps loads of resturant, Baker's Delight or Gloria Jeans loyalty card.
Eh, tampons don't show, can??


Her Hubby (haha, donno if u carry a bag or not, but got business, mebe a little briefcase?)


janicepa said...

Does all the mummies bag are the same ??? I have to start my learning liao .. my LK bising adi !!.

sweetpea said...

no need learning one lar! u know as u go. also depends on whether u r breastfeeding or not. if breastfeeding, lagi cinang. otherwise, u need baby bag. I din get a special one like some mummies do. i put in my reebok backpack, more 'yau ying' mar.. hehe.

David Bong said...

tak carry bag lah.. wallet got lah.

ok, will do on my wallet.

sweetpea said...

wallet lagi manyak barang :P cards and bills and dollar notes.. waahh

Mommy to Chumsy said... come you have anakku wipes in your bag? From Msia??

sweetpea said...

i bought a few packs when i was back last year. forgot about it until i cleared his cupboard :P got it from tesco!

Sasha said...

hahah typical mummy bag!

sweetpea said...

your's more typical!! got BB in it!