Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adrenaline pumping sports

I came across this article in the newspaper and just when I thought I've seen it all on TV or read them somewhere, there are things that people do to make you think whatever they will think of next!

This post is dedicated to those who love extreme sports and where you can get that 'kick'. For others, we learn something new every day! Some we already know, some for me, unheard of till now.

Ice Climbing
Means you haul yourself up total vertical ice formations such as frozen waterfalls. There are guided three to four days' tours, before tackling imposing glaciers, for example, at Mont Blanc, the French Alps.

Noodling (or canoodling the catfish, haha)
This requires you to feel blindly under the water near catfish holes, using your arm as bait to entice the fish to latch on. Ouch! The tricky part is, how do you shake it off? And watch out for those annoyed beavers and turtles a-snap-snap that you may disturb.

Definitely not for me! Zorbonauts strap themselves inside this giant, inflatable, transparent PVC ball and Wheeeeeee!! Down the steep hill they go! There is also hydrozorbing, a cross between whitewater rafting and a water slide, involving three thrill seekers and a good 40 litres of water rushing past you.

First you chainsaw a hole through the ice. Then you go below to explore the crystal-clear environment underneath the Arctic and Antarctic ice. Be warned - EXTREMELY COLD.

Sign up for Fantasy Camp where you receive few days of training before riding the bobsled at 112km/hour. Whooooshhhh!

River Trekking
This one I like. It's something like the more serious and bigger version of what I did when I joined Hash House Harriets in Ipoh. And also I did some hiking in Hong Kong leh. Walk like you have mangoes between your groin after this (jalan kangkang)but satisfaction guaranteed.) A combination of hiking, rock-climbing and swimming, river trekking.

Top Gun - Tom Cruise style
You take to the skies in an Extra 300L two-seater propeller aircraft in the skies above Arizona. You can get your hands on the joystick of the plane equipped with laser-weapon system, smoke and sound effects. The flight is recorded inside and outside the plane for a great memory and warning, do not show it to your grandma.

Available from the mountains of Uzbekistan to inaccessible Alaskan peaks. You are dropped in by chopper before carving up the planet's most isolated, pristine and challenging snowfields. Some tour operators offer three to seven days tour in British Columbia.

Interested? By all means, go ahead and enjoy yourself. But don't say I didn't warn you, not for the faint hearted.

Some excerpts from Herald Sun

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