Tuesday, April 03, 2007

BBQ Birthday Lunch on Sunday

We went for a BBQ birthday lunch. It was Rita's birthday, as well as her little darling girl Stefanie who just turned one a couple of weeks back.

As usual, Aidan was excited at the mention of Miguel's name as Ching and family will be there too. Not many pics were taken, as I, the photographer, had to leave early for work.

Stefanie not happy! "That's my toy!"

"Yea alright, you can kiss me. Just spare the saliva, ok?"

Christopher with his new hair-do. COOL!

Not even cake-cutting session yet and father and son is already in slumberland.
Ching and Ramon

And so, you guessed right. TWO BIG CAKES, and I didn't even get to taste one morsel bit. Pity me :(


AceOne118 said...

Happy belated birthday to Rita and Stefanie! Didn't show cake mia pictures geh!

sweetpea said...

aiseh. wa sudah ciakap i had to leave early for work. photographer (me) already gone by then lor.