Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy morning!

Aidan and myself went to Chaddy to get some Easter Eggs, bought him a couple of new pants. Gee, he's growing fast. Had some sushi for lunch, and went grocery shopping for these:

And fooling around the aisles. Suddenly he just said 'Yor (You are) funny, mummy.' That made me laughed even more. He said it very slowly, as if he was struggling for the words to come out, but he did it.

Am not replacing his diet totally, but reducing whatever I can get for him gluten-free or wheat-free. I never realized there is a wide variety of things at the health food section. This is just great. I don't have to look too hard.

On the way home in the car, we sang 'Old McDonald' and I will usually pause for him to pick an animal before we go on. First he picked a duck, so we went quack-a-quacking. Then he picked Thomas! Okay, so Thomas doesn't really belong to a farm, but we went chug-a-chugging anyway. Then came Henry and Edward. Cute. Then the next one he said 'No more' replacing the names. I turned around and gave him a puzzled look, but kept on singing, and he sang 'And finish here and finish there'.... well, he meant it that way although the words all came out jumbled mumbled. Sometimes he's just so silly :P

Back home, we decided to hatch a dinosaur. Here you are witnessing the first minute of hatching. Watch this space!


Jo said...

hatch a dinasour ???
really got dinasour inside ah?
(sorry, i abit jakun)

sweetpea said...

nih. i said watch the space right? :P