Tuesday, April 03, 2007

1K Tuesday!


I wanna scream! I just missed a $100 opportunity for a PR ZERO, Alexa Score ZERO and Technorati Rank ZERO post! How crazy can they get?!

I didn't quite believe my eyes when the opp was just there for a moment and seeing it as a $100 opp, it wasn't meant for me. Then again, I thought I did click on the 'Qualified Opportunities' button, so I'd better check it out. And there it was! Dang right I wasted no time in taking the opp! BUT.... I guess there are more speedy gonzales-es out there than I can imagine.

See, starting today for the whole long month, PayPerPost is having this new promo called 1K Tuesday, where every Tuesday, at unknown EST time, they will be releasing one $1000 Opportunity! And I just missed that $100 bucks! This is no April Fool as it's already way past that day.

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PayPerPost is going to drive all bloggers to their caffeine-high in no time this month. Every pair of blogging eyes will be fixed on the pc and finger on the mouse that keeps clicking on the 'refresh' button.

And dang right am brewing my coffee right now! 1K Tuesday... 1K Tuesday..... 1K Tuesday.... 1K Tuesday...


AceOne118 said...

Woah, payperpost so the happening wan ar! Got to grab grab wan!

sweetpea said...

wei, u tak takut your fansi lari meh?