Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Three hours later...

Hello Baby Dino! Keep watching this space... more to come!

It was a chilly but pleasant evening, so I didn't want to waste time inside the house too long, as it gets dark pretty quickly now that daylight savings has ended. Suggested to Aidan that he could have his scooter ride outside and off he went, without prompting, putting on his gumboots. This is our backyard door leading to the carport at the side of our home.

Aidan decided to ditch his scooter and replaced it with a rake. Gardening is more fun!

My little gardener

Well as you can see, he is doing more destructive work rather than nurturing my garden, not that I've been taking care of it lately. He has dug up a second hole now, and I was wondering why on earth did Wilkin dig a hole yesterday when I went off to work. Lucky thing this little gardener didn't destroy my begonias.

Our dinner for the evening. Baked salmon with chopped up onions and zucchini, with a little basil, salt, ground pepper and lemon juice, pre-cook pic of course. Sorry, no finishing pic, coz too hungry and forgot all about it :P

Roasted veggies - pumpkin, zucchinis, red capsicum, carrots and cloves of garlic, with a pinch of cumin powder, salt and ground pepper.

I think Wilkin was super hungry today coz before dinner he already whacked two sushi rolls, and after the salmon he made an extra piece of steak.


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