Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Walk with me to my new blog

I have not moved house, just that I got another one :)

I decided to note down Aidan's progress in my new blog. It will all about him, all personal posts. Linking will be appreciated, but not necessary.

Of course, this one remains the same, with his antics and and pressure-raising tantrums, pics and all, it's just that I'll be posting his health and personal issues in my new one.

Can anyone help me with a nice header of 'holding hands'? Something like an adult hand with a child's hand. I found some nice ones, but there's a price to pay. Try $300 odd USD! Hah! No way! Mott? hehehehehe....... Needs 720 x 180 pixels. Anyone? :P

It's a Wordpress blog, still fiddling with it. I think I'll be using it like I use my mobile, that is just to make and receive calls, so this one will be just posting and some pics, nothing fancy, therefore I don't suppose I have any problem with what most of you experience with it kuaaa.....

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