Thursday, April 05, 2007

I want new lightings for my home

For those who remembered my ceiling light fireworks display, you can imagine that I needed a new one pronto.

After changing one, now I feel like changing the rest. My lounge room will look 'contemporarily' cool, if there is such a word, with chic track lights, bright as can be, or dimly romantic. Can be of kitchen lighting too, well, depending on what you like and if it compliments your kitchen's design. A friend of mine has mini pendants at her bar area and it looked absolutely fantastic.

Track Lighting is for me, simple yet classy. Don't mind them in my kitchen too. Then some candelabra wall lights in my bathroom...

I know, I know. I am out of context here. One minute comtemporary, the next period, but I can't help looking at the wide array of lights at

Wait, I haven't even started on my bedroom yet. Hhmmm...

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