Monday, April 23, 2007

Between love and enemy

I love my GLOBAL knife.

It's also my hand's worst enemy.

It gives me the greatest pleasure in preparing meat and veggies, but my poor fingernails suffer the consequences. Hence I always have uneven, jagged or odd-shaped fingernails. Plus the occasional sliceo on the finger or part of the hand..... bleed bleed bleed. Bleh!

But then I still love it. If I have the extra money hor, I will buy the whole set!

So now you know I have my other name - Lor Lay Chin.

Now I have to go cut my fingernails super short to match the victim.

Eh, just because I linked the site doesn't mean this is a paid post wokay? This is not a paid post lor. I just want to rant. My fingernail.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dang you, GLOBAL.


+Ren said...

I wannn... :(

Sweetpea said...

you wan... you buy lar :P

+Ren said...

wah so chuin

Sweetpea said...

kekeke - then how? you make more money than i do. i cannot afford to buy another one leh..