Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Apocalypse: My Last Post

5xMom tagged hamblang bloggers in her blogroll, when she got tagged by her kai-doi (godson) on this subject.

The Urban Monk started this meme, and wants to know what our last posts will be if we can't blog anymore. For every link back that he gets, he'll donate a dollar to charity, and his aim is $500. And so for a good cause, I'll be a good girl and do as said.

And so, if it's my last post, I'll say how great it is to have known some bloggers that have become friends. Never knew there are so many like me out there. I started out this blog just wanting to keep family and friends updated with our lives faraway from my land of birth. To branch out like this making more friends along the way is something really unexpected and great.

And so if I am going to die, I will say, let me die a quick and painless death! Let me go before my loved ones. Yes, I am selfish, I don't want to see any of them 'go' and I suffer, and I reckon they may deal death better than I do. So there..

As 5xMom has already tagged everyone in her blogroll, that leaves me almost zilch to continue.

I donno if you are already linked or not, and if not, please continue the tag for a good cause ya?

Little Chumsy's Blog
in His Time - Miche
The Music Inside Me Today

Really, I have no idea who's linked to her. Anyway, all bloggers reading this blog, you are tagged! And remember to visit The Urban Monk's site to get the full picture on how to do the tag.


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hmm... I agree. I would prefer to leave before my loved ones too! Don't think I can handle the moments of losing them before my very eyes!

Great blog! Brava!

AceOne118 said...

Tag again?? I surrender!! I pengsan!!!! I go drink dettol "jeet satt"!!!! kekeke

Sweetpea said...

natasshea - true. but funny how my father's side, like all men (him and his brothers) 'go' first and leave all widows behind!

aceone118 - eh, that is if u haven't been tagged my 5xMom already. u go check out her post!

Cedric said...

OMG u mentioned me! Thank u so much! Kakakaka...

Sweetpea said...

cedric - me no famous blogger, don't say like dat wor... paiseh! but since u said it, it's my pleasure :)