Thursday, April 12, 2007

Questions and complaints


I've got questions horr.... how come the words on my blog become smaller and smaller one? My LinkLink sites also, the words there so small. I went to the VIEW button and click on the relevant text size, but still not consistent leh.... how come arr?? Someone please tell me, coz I only know how to use the pc, donno how to fix problems.

Question number 2. How to upload pics in my flickr account to my Wordpress blog? Darn widget thingy says at the bottom of my flickr homepage got FEED button, none also!

Complaints arrr..... bloggers, and YOU NON BLOGGERS ALIKE, drop some comments wokay? I like 'yeet lau' wokay? Make some noise wokay?

Now can someone please fix my problems??


janicepa said...

mayb u shud consider changing your template already lor...

mott said...

I think u inserted a video at end of your blog..which made everything "float" down.

U need to either 1) delete the video or 2) change the px in your sidebar widget paddings.

yes..just do no.1) and see if it'll be better.


Sweetpea said...

janicepa- change template then i won't get to use the header leh...

mott - tak bleh pun!!!