Thursday, April 12, 2007

I have to show off!

Today I brought Aidan to the salon for his haircut. And I wuff wuff wuff his new hairdo!

I really can't imagine my little baby has grown this tall and looking so 'matured' now.

WWaaaaa.......... I wanna cry!!


janicepa said...

it's time for a 2nd BB lor..
your boy is so de leng chai lah ..

Sweetpea said...

weh, sudah ciakap no second one lor. lagi mention then i merajuk worr..lagi tua nanti lagi more problems. not that u donno about my worries with aidan right? sighhh..

Mommy to Chumsy said... handsome la...look like who ah???? ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm, dunno whether u got my last mssge or not.

hensemnya boyboy u.. :)

Sweetpea said...


Sweetpea said...

joanna - thanks. i didn't get your last message. u think i won't publish when u compliment meh?! :) but who's this arr? :)