Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bloggerpas teaming up against bloggermas

I made a confession and already David is complaining about his wifey that she's like me, or I am like her wor.

Hello, waah... you also blog much both cari semua makan lor. Me still small fry struggling to look for posts. I also donno how you guys get so many posts one leh. I am aiming for something more high-tech as a present for myself, but I guess I will have to wait a long while, coz all posts only $5 each.

Some more hor, he dare suggest husbands of 'wives blogging for money' be united wor. Waah..then how? You take her share as well ya? Hmm... you very licik arrr.

Okay, jokes aside, I must say I can spend less time here and more time dishing up a better meal. So, I guess I will have to prioritize my time again, like sleep earlier lor. These late nights, or rather, early mornings, are really no good for me and my neck and shoulders leh.

So, Miche, lu mia lou kong already hint hint if Wednesday dates not enough. Hey, I have zilch dating life leh.... POCHIK! :((


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Oh bummer... looks like the hubby getting a little green eye ar a little licik now! Hehehe!

Sweetpea said...

i am sure he is just joking leh...!