Sunday, April 22, 2007

Help is just a click away

Our family has friends and relatives that are touched by drugs.

The one I remember most is when I was only a tween, when my mum told me her friend's son committed suicide. He was depressed and angry at himself for not being able to get off drugs and brought shame to the family. The shame overtook his conscience and he eventually took his own life.

He never thought about the pain he brought his family, especially his mother. Then again, how was he supposed to think? No one knew how to help him and friends and relatives stayed away from him instead of giving him support.

Today things are different. Help is available everywhere if that someone reaches out for it. is a site where they have relationships with drug rehab providers, where free assessments can be done before finding them the suitable drug rehabilitation services. Personal information is kept confidential and they are HIPAA compliant, therefore the person can have peace of mind leaving his or her details with them.

I find the site very useful as it helps friends and family of addicts to understand signs and symptoms of addiction and its relapse, drug specific and information on drug detoxification too. And not only does it have programmes for drug addiction, it also has information on alcoholism.

If only they have this kind of facilities back then, I am sure there are more help and less heartaches for sufferers and their families.

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