Monday, April 23, 2007

Yesterday, today, not much difference lor

I slept in both day till about 10am... hehhehe. Good eh?

Yesterday managed to get my hair done, finally, or you''ll be looking at a 'bak fatt mor lui' (white hair devil woman). Pretty typical and boring day actually. Didn't go anywhere, and evening we went to dad-in-law's place for dinner and that's about it.

Today also not much better. Went to Chaddy for Aidan to run around. LOTS AND LOTS of cars and people. You'll be wondering why lar, no other better place to go. Obviously not. Plus, the basement carpack has been reduced and the next time you're here in Australia you'll be looking at a whole new Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Wilkin wasn't that well and when we got home he took his nap and I entertained Aidan. Now he loves playing leap frog after watching Action Words dvd which I bought last week. Well needless to say he climbed all over me to get to the front and I had step over him. I'm not very comfortable with that. Maybe it's the Chinese in me. It's a superstition thing.

Anyway, that's it for the weekend. So boring.......

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