Monday, April 23, 2007

Everyone, Smorty's here!

Hey all paid posties, good news is here.

I've just joined Smorty's and this is a another great site for us bloggers to blog for money.

A service connecting advertisers to us bloggers, Smorty has ample opportunities for everyone. It is unique in a way that we can only blog one op at a time. Meaning if we don't complete the oppportunity taken by the dateline even, we cannot accept a new op. Which is good, in my opinion, so we stay focused and not get confused. It only pays through Paypal though, so if anyone has other accounts, you need to open up a new Paypal account. It's easy, free and quick.

It a also a brilliant way to get quality inbound links and increase web traffics. Blog advertising is such an effective way to get a message across to thousands of bloggers and readers, Smorty also has an affiliate program for you to earn more. Whether you're and advertiser or blogger, both parties will benefit.

Bloggers get paid to blog, and advertisers will receive thousands of links to their site. Everyone's happy. What are you waiting for?!

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

I'm thinking of doing it too ;) However, I'm a bit lost when it comes to paypal. How do I get paid? Can I withdraw $$ from it since I'm in Msia? I know in the US/Canada, one can withdraw money. I guess Australia too.

Sweetpea said...

yep..but don't worry about the paypal first. just open and account and start earning money! when it builds up, then only worry about how to get lor. can ask around all the KL mummies. otherwise, u can transfer the Paypal money into my aussie bank account and i send local m'sia cheque back to you lor. i have ipoh bank account mar. i charge you velly cheap.... half half lor. kakakakka!!! joking only lar. but really, don't worry about paypal yet, and start writing now!

AceOne118 said...

Woah! can tumpang wan ar? I oso wan to write PPP lo liddat!

Sweetpea said...

can can can! like i said, comission half half! wah.. liddat i can make service and fatt datt too! kakakaka