Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fishy business

AceOne118's fish reminds me when I was in Hong Kong.

See, hubby had a tank of those fish I donno what it's called. Like mini angel fish, only black in colour with orange stripes.

Whenever I wake up in the morning and open the bedroom door, I can see them swimming towards me, ready for breakfast. How smart can they be?!

One fine night hubby got very drunk at a friend's wedding dinner, until a big friend, and I mean BIG, has to actually 'tow' him home. Needless to say, he already has a few bouts of puking session in the taxi lor. Lucky got vomit bags prepared, if not taxi driver wont' take us home.

Then hubby puked on the floor at home. Anyway, who else but me have to finish up all the dirty work. Next morning, I went to feed the fish. Then I saw this foamy stuff floating on the water. What you thinking? ........

HUBBY WASHED HIS DIRTY HANDS IN THE TANK!!! Must be! Donno when that could have happened, maybe when he crawled his way into the bedroom the night before. Lucky thing those fish were okay with the expelled shark fin, red wine and whatnots. Ooo, that was gross.

And as if they knew we were going to leave them behind when we left Hong Kong for good, they died one by one. We were going to give them away to a friend, but I guess they didn't want a new owner. I was sad. Usually I won't be, but thinking in a way that they knew, it broke my heart a little to break their hearts. But that was just me thinking.

Hubby was very interested in fish again here. Still is, especially feng shui fish. I said no no. No space, no time, no extra work for me please. He said I didn't have to do anything. Yeeaahh...... right..... As if I can stand looking at cloudy water and mouldy tank. NO NO NO. Also got water restriction Stage 3a horr.... all the more NO NO NO!


AceOne118 said...

Say "Yes" for the second time!! Those fung shui fish are good fish and it won't cloudy the water wan. East to maintain. Feed with prawns, pellets or small fishes.

Look at my tank for example, 2 weeks ledi the water still crystal clear!!Only thing is you need to buy a good filter.

sweetpea said...

Heh! No ler... I've got enough work liao.. no place also, donno where to put pun